PageLines-kaikkienaikojenjoululehtidontmissabite.jpg"Model and cosmopolite pleasantly surprises. Here is a special brew for the real foodie, made of travelled recipes, photographs and savory stories with a flavor of life.
The colorful and nicely written text weaves through the food and leaves us with a taste of love and care."

All-Time Christmas Magazine (Kaikkien Aikojen Joululehti)

cosmopolitan don't miss a bite

"Vera Jordanova has conjured up a finger-licking good
Don't Miss a Bite: 
Stories and Flavors from around the World cookbook. Caution: It may provoke serious hunger and fever for travel."

Cosmopolitan (Finland)

jenni ukkonen don't miss a bite

"Beautifully written and presented books make me pretty much as happy as beautifully presented food. Don't Miss a Bite is a pleasure to read because of the exciting stories that Vera has to share from all her travels, from little towns in Bulgaria
to Paris, Barcelona, New York, LA and finally South America. It’s truly a fantastic book for a food and travel enthusiast
like myself!"



"Model and actress Vera Jordanova’s childhood memories
and her travels’ flavorful moments come together in this robust and tasty reading.
Her stories hop around from
the Helsinki Square Market to a small restaurant in Sicily and the wild Costa Rican jungle, to name a few. It makes you feel like you want to travel just as much as you would like to cook."

Kodin Kuvalehti Magazine